Taking photos you find interesting. My whole life has seen examples of me photographing the world. Funny enough, I appear very little in recorded history. Maybe most people that prefer the safety of the creative process from behind the scenes feel similarly.

What ever the case this post announces a sort of “wonder of wonders” moment I experienced when I got the email from Alamy accepting 14 photos I took back in 2006. The photos were originally shot in a attempt to get accepted by ShutterStock or iStockPhoto. Sadly, after I shot the photos in question I got home from work and checked my email at which time I got the angry version of the rejection email. Although this did not stop me from shooting it did keep me from entertaining publishing my material in any format.

So, jump forward to today and the acceptance email I received for 13 nifty Orb Weaver Spider photos and a single of a Honey Bee corpse. On a stock Olympus SP350 all the way back in 2006 and probably using the Macro and/or “Super Macro” software in camera. I wish I had more faith in my abilities back then and willing to nurture a tiny bit of ego to push myself.

Food for thought: I may have become a contributing photographer with The Suicide Girls back then. One model I shot was accepted, after all.

Satsubatsu347 at Alamy


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